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Liturgical Schedule

Daily Liturgy at 9 AM

Sundays at 8:30 and 11 AM

Holy Days of Obligation at
9 AM and 6:30 PM

Our Lady stained glass windowSaint Anthony’s Day Care Center is run and operated by the church. However, religious freedom of every child is respected. We do not teach religion. However, children are expected to say some form of blessing before each snack or meal. The major religious holidays and holy days are celebrated in a non-denominational atmosphere. No child will be discriminated against because of religion, race, creed, nationality etc...

We are a non-profit organization; therefore, our financial operation depends entirely upon the weekly tuition. Our purpose is to serve the community by providing a safe, informative, educational and happy environment for your child. The center is open to all children who may benefit from our type of program. Children must be at least 2 years old and must be toilet trained. Children cannot be over 12 years of age. You are welcome to visit our facilities at any time.

Programs Available

Pre-School Program (ages 2-5)

This program consists of

  • Concept Development Experiences: sorting, sizing, memory and matching games, following directions, recognition of numbers, counting and alphabet with the ability to write name, numbers, etc.
  • Communication Experiences: ability to speak distinctly, understand good and bad behavior, recognition of animal sounds, singing, etc.
  • Fine Motor Skills: using scissors, coloring within lines, buttoning, zipping, etc.
  • Gross Motor Skills: balancing on beams, skipping rope, catching and throwing a ball, etc.

After-Kindergarten Care

This program provides continuing development of skills and safe, supervised play.

After-School Care

This program provides a quiet area and help in completion of homework and safe, supervised play.

For more information on the St. Anthony Child Care Center, download and read the Parent's Manual.

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